San Diego, CA | May 12-13, 2017
Taught By Real-World Investors Who Actually Earn Income Using the Strategies They Teach
"Doesn't Get Any Better :)"
Alia Ott-Carter

Investors In Action
Terri Garner

Investors In Action
Jillian Sidoti

Syndication Attorney 
Crowdfunding Lawyers
Andre "Coach" Carter

Game Master & Emcee
Develop Genius
Our trainers have over 30 years of combined investment experience and own more than 2,400 storage units nationwide. We will guide you through what it takes to succeed in building wealth through self storage investments and create more passive income to create the lifestyle you desire.  

Experience valuable investing principals through interaction, thoughtful discussions and walk away with a personalized investment game plan.
Over the years we have found that immersive learning through lively discussions and fun games allows attendees to have greater confidence in being able to implement the strategies they learn.

That’s why we’ve designed this workshop to take you on a step-by-step journey on how to find, fund and manage successful self-storage properties. (Yes, you learn how to raise money too!) 

Plus, you will walk away from the event with our Success Kit in hand. This kit includes actionable steps that you’ll want to implement immediately so you can start earning GREAT CASHFLOW starting with your very first property… then your next and your next!
This is a PERFECT TIME to start investing in Self-Storage Properties! If you look at what’s going on in the real estate market today, you’ll see that those who know how to invest in and run Self-Storage Facilities are raking in the income month after month.
Friday, May 12th: 

- Creating the Foundation for Wealth Building
- Finding, Assessing & Negotiating Storage Deals
- Funding Options for Your Deal
- Legally Raising Private Money
- "Deal or No Deal" Buying Game
Saturday, May 13th: 

- Due Diligence 
- Systems and Teams
- Operations Game
- Property Management
- Your Freedom Day Plan
Mee Vaj 
Certified Healer, Irvine, CA
 “Terri and Alia are two people I want to work with and learn from for the rest of my life-long career in real estate investing. I have so much appreciation and respect for them, for their vision and what they did for me.”
This is NOT information you can learn for free online. 
You’ll be learning from real investors who own self-storage properties and know exactly how to make them produce more income month after month than you dared dream possible!

Join us at our PRIVATE Self Storage Investing Workshop this May 12-13 to learn all our “secrets” and proven strategies that we use in the real world to earn steady income by investing in self-storage properties.
This event is limited to 40 attendees, so book early!!
In this fast-paced, hands-on, all-questions-answered live and highly interactive workshop, you will learn how to…
  • Find and Evaluate Self-Storage Properties – So you can choose those that will produce the highest income.
  • Add Value and Increase Profit – Some of these strategies will be true AHA! moments – because you may not have thought they’d work in self storage… but they do! 
  • Manage Risk and Handle Day-to-Day Operations – Finding the property and getting it under contract is one thing. But what then? Learn how to manage it right from the first day… and even before.
  • Create More Time, Money and Positive Impact in Your Life – You hear it all the time… investing gives you freedom from the 9-to-5 job, it gives you more time with family and friends, it brings more money into your life, and it helps you create a positive impact on others around you. It’s all true, but we’ll show you exactly what this means and how you get there! 
  • Determine YOUR Unique Position in the Real Estate Game – Simply stated, those who choose a niche in real estate investing do a lot better than those who jump from strategy to strategy. Investing in self-storage properties is THE BEST strategy we’ve come across. (We’ve done other things in real estate, but hands down this is the most profitable AND EASIEST to manage!) 
  • Create a Plan to Get Started RIGHT NOW – The great thing about what we teach is that you can use it immediately… even if you don’t have your own cash or credit to use in deals, even if you have no job, even if you have no marketing know-how, even if… well, anything. There’s no reason you can’t get started right away. All you have to do is learn the strategy and start implementing. 
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