Self Storage Investing Success Kit
If you’ve been thinking about getting involved in self storage to generate cashflow... Excellent! 
You have a lot to learn, which is why you’re here. 

Now take your next step and grab your SELF-STORAGE SUCCESS KIT. It’s divided into easy-to-digest sections and includes a Freedom Day Plan to help you reach your goals, step by step. Armed with the information in this SUCCESS KIT you can find, fund and manage your properties the right way from the start!

**Instant Digital Access**
In this massively valuable step-by-step guide and personal workbook you get:
  • What is your WHY for getting involved in self-storage as a business
  • Ways to boost your revenue by thousands each month
  • How to create your ideal financial life from your self-storage business
  • The history of self-storage and what types of facilities you want to look into
  • The best ways to find properties 
  • Market trends and other demographics you need to know
  • Questions to ask the sellers and/or their brokers
  • Running the numbers and analyzing deals
  • How to write your offers
  • What goes into the due diligence before you close
  • How to fund your deals, even if you don’t have cash or credit of your own
  • What to do about managing your properties
  • Tips on how to structure your business
  • Every step in the process to run your business at maximum efficiency
  • Case studies and a whole lot more!
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